Silk Dupion or Dupioni

At Paras Textile, We Only Use The Finest Silks From Around The World!
Silk Dupion Is A Textured Silk Woven From A Double Strand Of Silk Yarn In A Plain Weave Pattern.
The Name Dupion Or Dupioni Refers To This ‘Doubling’ Effect And Comes From The Italian ‘Duplicato’ Which Means Double.

We Only Use A White 100% Dupion Silk In Fabric For Bridal, Although White Silk Is Never A Bright White As Its A Natural Fabric And Can’T Be Bleached. With Many Years Of Experience Using Dupion Silk, We Have Found That Dupion Will Naturally Changes Its Shade Of Whiteness As Time Goes By! The Fabric Will Become A Deeper Shade Of Cream Over Time. This Makes Dupion Silk One Of The Most Beautiful Silk In The World.

We Only Use A Smooth Grade Of Dupion Which Has Less Slubs Than Other Grades. Since There Is Various Grades Of Dupion, Some Grades Have Many Slubs With Lots Of Irregular In The Weave. The Fewer Slubs In The Dupion Fabric Means A Better-Quality Silk. At Paras Textile We Only Source Smoother Silk Which Have Fewer Slubs And Softer Texture To Feel. Dupion Silk Is Elegant, Versatile, Gives A Slightly Stiff Feel And Is Easily Identified By The ‘Slubs’ On It.

Fact About Dupion Silk

The Word Dupion Has Been Derived From Italian Word Doppio Which Mean ‘Double’. The Worms Are Raised In A Congested Place So That Two Worms Spin A Single Cocoon. The Cocoons Are Put Into Hot Air Or Steam To Stop The Silk Moth Break The Continuous Filament And Also To Soften The Gum Which Holds The Thread Together. The Filament Produced Are Slightly Tangled (Interlocked), Rough, Uneven And Weak. It Is Reeled From The Cocoon Which Can Be A Kilometre Long. The Yarn Produced By The Twin Silk Worm Has Minuet Variations In The Thickness. No Two Pieces Of The Silk Are Alike.

Characteristics Of Dupion Silk

  • It Is A Lightweight, Shimmering Versatile Fabric
  • T Has Lumpy Horizontal Lines Within The Weave Which Is Also Known As ‘Slubs’.
  • It Is Crisp To Touch And Feel.
  • It Has Dull Lustre With Shiny Streaks.
  • It Holds Crease Well. It Does Not Wrinkle.
  • Its Weave Contains Minor Irregularities.
  • Its 100% Natural Fabric.
  • It Is Easy To Cut And Sew.
  • It Holds Beading And Embroidery Well.
  • Hand-Washed Softens And Removes Stiffness Of The Fabric.