Silk Taffeta

Taffeta (Archaically Spelled Taffety) Is A Crisp, Smooth, Plain Woven Fabric Made From Silk Or Cuprammonium Rayons. The Word Is Persian In Origin And Means “Twisted Woven”. It Is Considered To Be A “High-End” Fabric, Suitable For Use In Wedding Or Evening Gowns, Prom Dresses, Ball Gowns, Coats, Jackets, Or Other Party Dresses. Besides, Taffeta Is Also Stitched Into Curtains For Enhancing The Interiors. As The Fabric Is Crisp, It Looks Excellent When Drawn Together In Folds, Or Gathered Up In Full Skirts Or Sleeves. It Is Also Widely Used In The Manufacture Of Corsets And Corsetry: It Yields A More Starched-Like Type Of Cloth That Holds Its Shape Better Than Many Other Fabrics. Taffeta Has Been Used For Hundreds Of Years, First In The Middle East And Asia, And Later In Europe. It’S Believed To Originally Come From Persia.

Taffeta Counts As One Of The Richest And Most Superior Fabrics. It Consists Of A Wide Range Of Varieties, From Soft To Stiff, Lightweight To Medium-Weight, Sheer To Opaque, Plaids, Prints, And Iridescent Cloth. Especially Popular For Its Gleam And Glossiness, This Fabric Is Made Primarily From Silk. It Is A Tightly Woven, Plain Weave Material. Consisting Of High-Twist Filament Yarn, Both The Warp And Filling In Taffeta Have Approximately An Equal Number Of Yarns. Let Us Take A Look At Some Of The Technical Properties Of Taffeta.

Fibre Content:

It Is Woven Mainly From Silk, Traditionally A Purely Silk-Made Fabric. However, Today, It Is Made Using Synthetic Fibres Too, Like A Blend Of Silk And Polyester, Or From Combinations With Rayon, Polyester, Acetate, And Nylon.


Taffeta Is Made From A Plain Weave. The Warp And Weft In Its Weave Forms A Simple Criss-Cross Pattern, Resembling A Checkerboard. More Weaves Per Inch Make It A Tightly Woven Fabric With Less Seam Slippage.


It Is Chosen For Its Crisp Feel. Taffeta Is Crunchy, Has A Slick Surface, And Slippery Smoothness.


This Fabric Is Known To Be Iridescent. Varying In Colour When Seen In Different Lights, Or From Different Angles, It Is Glossy And Slightly Sheen Too, As It Reflects Light.


Being A Stiff Fabric, Taffeta May Not Drape Very Well. A Piece-Died Yarn Would Still Be Soft, Unlike The Yarn-Died Taffeta. It Cannot Be Easily Folded, Wrinkled, Or Creased Either. If You Are Wearing A Taffeta, You May Hear A Rustling Sound While Walking.